National Organization of the State Offices of Rural Health Resources

PhilanthropywoRx was engaged by the National Organization of the State Offices of Rural Health (NOSRH) to develop resources for their 50 state members on how to negotiate the complexity of entering conversations with rural funders and non-health rural stakeholders. The work involved a series of interviews with state Office of Rural Health leaders; focus groups and presentations– followed by the development of three products that can be easily updated.

Case Studies

One of the best ways to show a path to success is from learning about the work of peers. This snapshot shows how some State Offices have actively developed and maintained enduring relationships with rural funders.

Rural Philanthropy Strategy

One of the most common questions that PhilanthropywoRx receives is how to connect with funders. This short piece was created with the intent to expand with examples over time.

Rural Philanthropy Resources

Philanthropic resources of use to grant seekers need to extend beyond lists of funders. This short summary provides an easy to follow landscape of the rural philanthropic environment.

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