Resource List

Below is a curated list of resources which you may find informative and useful.

Rural Health Information Hub

The Rural Health Information Hub ( is the federally supported one-stop shop for rural health fact-finding. The Hub features various issue specific toolkits; research reports, funding and conference announcements. Increasingly, the content reflects a social determinants of health perspective.

The latest toolkit ( prepared by our friends at NORC offers a look a practical look at rural philanthropy that is useful for both practitioners and funders.

The Daily Yonder

The Daily Yonder ( is the premier daily journalism site for reporting on issues of rural concern like broadband access, health disparities, environmental degradation and civic engagement. There is also excellent consistent coverage of rural philanthropy.

Southeastern Council of Foundations

The Southeastern Council of Foundations ( highlights the work of many southern rural funders.

National Committee on Responsive Philanthropy

National Committee on Responsive Philanthropy ( is a national network of grantmakers and advocates focused on ensuring greater accountability from philanthropy. Their recent series, “As the South Grows” has a specific rural focus as do many of their recent blogs and articles.

Neighborhood Funders Group

Neighborhood Funders Group ( is a network of local, regional and national grantmakers. They have leading an intentional focus on rural philanthropy in the context of advocacy and grassroots organizing—among other areas of intersectional focus.

Northwest Philanthropy

Northwest Philanthropy ( is a grantmaker support group for the multi-state northwest. For the past three years, they have supported a national gathering of rural-interested and engaged grantmakers.

Giving Compass

Giving Compass ( is a foundation-funded site intended to provide information for prospective donors on a wide range of topics and strategic philanthropy issues. They are strengthening their rural content.


PhilanthropySouthwest ( highlights the work of many southwestern rural funders.