Rural Philanthropic Leader You Should Know:
Wyoming Community Foundation


Former Wyoming Governor Mike Sullivan once noted that, “Wyoming is a small town with really long streets.” The Wyoming Community Foundation (WYCF) helps ensure our communities, and that long street, stay connected and supported.

The Wyoming Community Foundation believes in the power of building the capacity of the nonprofit community and recognizes that strong organizational structure leads to quality programming. This means providing general operating grants, support for strategic planning and utilizing outside experts to provide fundraising training. WYCF also acts as a partner for larger, statewide initiatives to address topics like early childhood education, senior care, and healthcare.

Of Wyoming’s 23 counties, 17 are considered frontier (fewer than six people per square mile) and only Casper (pop. 59,179) and Cheyenne (pop. 65,435) are considered metropolitan – so while all Wyomingites (yep – that’s what we call ourselves) feel connected, the miles between us are expansive, making it important for WYCF to act as a convenor. The Wyoming Community Foundation hosts the biennial Wyoming Nonprofit Conference to bring nonprofits small, and less small, together.