Rural Philanthropic Leader You Should Know:
Georgia Health Initiative

Georgia Health Initiative logo

Georgia Health Initiative is an independent non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire and promote collective action that advances health equity for all Georgians. The Initiative works in partnership with others to change systems and advance bold ideas to achieve a shared vision of a Georgia where all people have the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential for health.

The Initiative fills a unique role in Georgia’s philanthropic landscape, focusing on creating and reinforcing the conditions needed for multi-sector, multi-region collaboration to effectively take place. The Initiative is therefore strategic in partnering with diverse organizations, recognizing that working collaboratively maximizes potential to effect change. In addition, the Initiative works to identify and fill critical gaps to accelerate progress. This includes commissioning research and data analysis that contributes to ongoing dialogue and decision making to advance health equity in every corner of our state.

As an example, Georgia Health Initiative recently commissioned a report to assess the economic impact of Medicaid expansion in Georgia. To accompany this report, the Initiative published an Issue Brief highlighting key findings that emerged from the analysis. While the findings are significant to inform systems change throughout the state, the implications for rural Georgians in particular are worth noting. Beyond expanding health coverage and access to care for individuals, the first three years of Medicaid expansion in Georgia would result in the creation of an annual average of 5,611 new jobs and an increase of $477.3 million in personal income for individuals who live in rural counties.

Georgia’s rural counties are home to a wealth of local resources and dedicated residents, many of whom recognize the importance of strong ties to community. By tapping into these inherent assets, along with improved access to data and other information such as what was found through its recently commissioned report, Georgia Health Initiative strives to improve health and wellbeing within and across rural Georgia, as well as the rest of the state.

Please visit their website to learn more about how Georgia Health Initiative is working to fulfill its vision of a Georgia in which all people have the opportunity to attain their fullest potential for health.