Census 2020: Rural Communities Count

Inside Philanthropy recently sought input from Allen Smart, Director of Campbell University’s Rural Philanthropic Analysis Project to weigh in on the importance of representing rural in the 2020 Census.

Having an accurate census count that is representative of all groups in the United States is a significant opportunity for philanthropy. Smart explained, ‘The impact of prospective rural census undercount—with respect to decreasing state and federal support—will last for a decade. The financial impact will be very serious.’ Ensuring that vulnerable and minority populations are included in the count allows funders to create more impactful strategies. A major issue that will impede a representative count is that the 2020 Census will be administered mainly online and broadband deficits in rural areas are pervasive.

Read more about how organizations are collaborating to ensure that rural is represented, as well as opportunities to be a part of making rural count on Inside Philanthropy’s website.

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