The Rural Philanthropic Analysis Project 2017-2019


Over the course of the last two years, the Rural Philanthropic Analysis Project (RPAP) team has blogged, reported, presented and collected data from all over the country about philanthropic activity that has, as its focus, a deep commitment to the future of rural communities. While philanthropic activity in rural America precedes anything akin to a…

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Pushing Aside the Rural-Urban Divide


The heightened state of distrust between rural and urban communities has made it more difficult to recognize that there is an inherent interdependence between them. Philanthropy is uniquely positioned to offer an intentional approach to rural inclusion, as well as a new rural–urban narrative, that doesn’t increase division. The renewed focus on rural America that…

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Census 2020: Rural Communities Count


Inside Philanthropy recently sought input from Allen Smart, Director of Campbell University’s Rural Philanthropic Analysis Project to weigh in on the importance of representing rural in the 2020 Census. Having an accurate census count that is representative of all groups in the United States is a significant opportunity for philanthropy. Smart explained, ‘The impact of…

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Director’s Blog 7.0


Closing Out This Phase and Moving Forward with Urgency and Commitment As the Rural Health Analysis Project winds down its first generation of work, Director Allen Smart reflects on what to expect going forward for the project and the rural philanthropic field. It’s a gray, rainy, winter day here in rural North Carolina and I…

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2020 Census Needs Funder Support to Ensure Rural Inclusion

The most important upcoming policy moment that will affect rural communities is the 2020 census. An overreliance on on-line respondents, a shortage of dedicated staff focused on hard to count populations and a lack of previously planned testing in rural communities could jeopardize accurate funding for critical programs like U.S. Department of Agriculture rural grant…

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